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Jillian offers photography workshops, customized photography tutoring for individuals & small groups, and has 2 online courses launching December, 17, 2021!

Photography Workshops

Jillian offers photography workshops for those who prefer learning by seeing and then doing!

Workshop participants have found Jillian’s teaching style and photography experience to be very helpful in helping them to better understand aspects of photography that they had previously struggled with, such as the exposure triangle!

Upcoming workshops (virtual):

photography workshop class virtual learning how to take photos dslr phone mirrorless

Photography Basics for for Better Visual Storytelling

Upgrade your photography skills by learning and improving upon basic photography skills to visually tell better stories in your photos!


-TBD as of December 2021 there are not any workshops scheduled

-contact Jillian if your group is interested in having her do a photography workshop! Email Jillian@JillianReganPhotography(dot)com


Jillian can design these virtual workshops to fit into a busy workday, regular day, or a relaxing vacation day schedule.

Jillian can schedule workshops 9 AM – 5 PM Mon – Fri or offer them on the weekends, or with split times with Jillian teaching, demonstrating, & giving out photo assignments for that day for 1.5 hours in the morning from 8 AM – 9:30 AM.

This gives the participants the whole day to get back to work, live their life, or enjoy their vacation while completing the photo assignments in their free time before that evening.

Then in the evening the workshop reconvenes for another 1.5 hours from 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM for feedback/critiques of individual photos and a Q&A time where you can ask Jillian all your photography related questions!

Learn more about Jillian’s workshops & sign up here!

Customized Photography Tutoring for Individuals or Small Groups

Jillian customizes the tutoring session or series of tutoring sessions to fit the needs of individuals wanting to learn in a one-on-one or small group setting (small group = 2-5 people) a specific aspect of photography, such as lighting, how to use a specific camera brand or model, improving their product photography, off-camera flash, finding great places to take Instagram worthy photos, and more!

In person Individual Photo Tutoring Sessions Pricing: $100/hour

Virtual Individual Photo Tutoring Sessions Pricing (via Zoom): $75/hour

Save on the cost of the session by grabbing a friend, or 3, or 4, or 5 friends who all want to learn the same aspect of photography as you do and who can all do a session at the same time & place and split the cost of the photo tutoring session amongst your small group!

Email Jillian at Jillian@JillianReganPhotography.com to schedule a photography tutoring session!

Online Courses

Organizing Photos – launching 12/17/ 2021! Stay tuned to emails & social media posts from Jillian Regan Photo & Video!

Organizing Videos -launching 12/17/ 2021! Stay tuned to emails & social media posts from Jillian Regan Photo & Video!