Photography Workshops

Jillian offers photography workshops for those who prefer learning by seeing how it’s done and then doing it by taking photos and then getting feedback on photos taken from Jillian & the other workshop participants!


Workshop participants have found Jillian’s teaching style and photography experience to be very helpful in helping them to better understand aspects of photography like the exposure triangle that they had previously struggled with understanding!

Past workshops have included Photography Basics for Local Businesses 3 Day Virtual Workshop hosted in partnership with the City of Charlottesville Office of Economic Development.

What they’re saying about Jillian’s photography workshops:

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Photography Basics for for Better Visual Storytelling

Upgrade your photography skills by learning and improving upon basic photography skills to visually tell better stories with your photos!

Upgrade your photography skills by learning and improving upon basic photography skills, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, composition, lighting, and more whether you are taking photos with a DSLR or a phone camera to visually tell better stories in your photos. Whether you are interested in taking photos for your brand’s social media or taking photos for fun, such as take better summer family vacation photos, this workshop will help you take your photography skills to the next level! Day 1 of the workshop focuses on understanding the basics of photography & ways to use these basic photography skills to visually tell stories, Day 2 focuses on applying what we learn in Day 1 to taking photos of products, food & beverage, and other still life objects, and Day 3 takes what we learned in Days 1 & 2 and applies it to taking better photos of people, including self-portraits.

Upcoming Dates: Thursday 7/15/21, Friday 7/16/21, & Saturday 7/17/21

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Time each day: 

  • 8 AM – 9:30 AM (Jillian teaching & demonstrating, assigning photo assignments to be completed at participants’ convenience during that day), 
  • 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (feedback/critique on photos for participants and Q&A time with Jillian)

Jillian designed these virtual workshops to fit into a busy workday, regular day, or a relaxing vacation day schedule with Jillian teaching, demonstrating, & giving out photo assignments for that day for 1.5 hours in the morning from 8 AM – 9:30 AM.

This gives the participants the whole day to get back to work, live their life, or enjoy their vacation while completing the photo assignments in their free time before that evening. 

Then in the evening the workshop reconvenes for another 1.5 hours from 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM for feedback/critiques of individual photos and a Q&A time where you can ask Jillian all your photography related questions!

Price: $49 for all 3 days of the workshop for those who sign up before 7/10/21 11:59 PM EST, 

  • or $19 / day for those who just want to do one of the days of the workshop and sign up before 7/10/21
  • after 7/10/21 it will be $69 for all 3 days or $25/day for those who just want to do one day of the workshop

Spots are limited. This workshop is being held virtually, via Zoom. The first part of each day will be recorded & available for participants to view up to a week after the workshop is over, the photo feedback/critique and Q&A sessions in the evenings each day will not be recorded. Cancellations can be made with a full refund up to 24 hours before the start of Day 1.

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July 2021

Tickets for the July workshop are now available! You can purchase one ticket for the whole workshop or you can purchase a ticket for just the one or two days of the workshop that you would like to attend if you don’t want to do all 3 days of the workshop.

  • Day 1 – Photography Basics 7/15/21
    • $25 $19 with the early bird discount that ends 7/10/21
    • Learn and apply the basics of photography including lighting, composition, understanding exposure triangle, aperture, shutter speed and more with a focus on using these photography basics to help to visually tell a story
  • Day 3 – People 7/17/21
    • $25 $19 with the early bird discount that ends 7/10/21
    • Learn how to apply the basics of photography we’ve been working on in Days 1 and 2 to taking flattering photos of people in ways that visually help to tell a story
    • Covers both taking photos of other people and self-portraits