Professional Headshot Photos

Basic Headshot Photo Session

  • 30 Minute Session
  • 3-5 final retouched photos to choose your favorite headshot photo from
  • Option of:
    • studio lighting with backdrop or
    • studio lighting with environment in the background (outside, your workplace, a place that represents what it is that you do, etc.)
    • natural light with the environment in the background

Branding Headshot Photo Sessions

  • 1 hour sessions or longer
  • Option of selecting range of how many final retouched photos desired (such as 5-10, 10-20, etc.)
  • The same options for lighting and background as the Basic Headshot Photo Sessions, PLUS the details below
  • Consultation meeting or multiple meetings before the photo session to:
    • select and plan details that will convey your brand through your headshot photos such as the backdrop color/style or location (if choosing to have an environment in the background), poses, camera angles, lighting styles, etc. to best fit with and visually convey your overall brand.
  • Option to add on multiple locations and multiple outfit changes

Group Discount Headshot Photo Sessions

  • Group discounts are offered for employers or other organizations wanting to get headshot photos done for a group of employees, staff, or other important people they would like to have headshot photos done for.
  • These are typically scheduled all on the same day or over multiple days at the same location.

Add Ons

Headshot photo sessions can also be added onto any other type of photo or video session offered by Jillian Regan Photography (& Video) at a discounted price.

Combined photo and video packages are available as well as 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month photo and/or video production contracts that can include group headshot photos.

To get a customized estimate or quote specific to your business or organization’s photo or video needs, fill out the form linked here.

To schedule a meeting with Jillian use the online calendar linked here or email Jillian at