Online courses

Organizing Digital Photos & Organizing Digital Videos will be available Dec 17th!

Commit to getting your photos and videos organized so you can easily and efficiently find your photos & videos with these 2 new online courses from Jillian Regan Photo & Video!

These 2 courses are designed to walk you through the process of building a system for organizing photos & videos or improving your current digital organization system.

Whether you are looking to improve the way your business or organization’s organizes their marketing photos so you can quickly posts those social media posts or if you just want to be able to easily find your own photos & videos from that fun trip last summer to put together a slideshow for the family, these courses will help you!

The courses teach ways to organizing photos and videos on both computers and mobile phones.

They will be available at a special introductory offer of $35 for each course or purchase them both together for only $60 when they launch on December 17th, 2021!