Go Green Preset Pack – Lightroom Desktop – 10 Presets

Jillian’s Go Green Preset Pack for Lightroom Classic Desktop (for computers) includes 10 presets designed to speed up your photo editing process for some of the most requested types of photo editing adjustments! The titles of the presets are related to either connecting with nature or named for eco friendly activities!

Brighten & Green

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  • Brighten & Green
    • to brighten the photo & enhance the color green by increasing its vibrance & saturation
  • Save the Earth
    • to brighten and warm up the photo with more subtle adjustments than the “Brighten & Green” preset
  •  Earthy
    • to bring out & deepen the earth tones in an image, giving it a moody look while also adding in a slight green tint to make it look as if it was taken on film
  • Plant a Tree
    • to make cloudy day photos look like they were taken on a sunny day
  • Save the Bees
    • to make cloudy day photos look like they were taken on a sunny day with slighter adjustments than the “Plant a Tree” preset
  • Recycle
    • to convert a color photo to black & white
  • Reuse & Repurpose 
    • to make little adjustments to brighten photos & make them more vibrant
  • Solar Power
    • to enhance sunny day photos by adding more vibrance, saturation, & contrast
  • Ride a Bike 
    • to fix photos with underexposed areas (too dark) in the shadows & overexposed (too bright) in the highlights
  • Take a Hike
    • to fix photos with too dark (underexposed) & too bright (overexposed) areas but with less extreme adjustments than the “Ride a Bike” preset


  • This pack contains the LR DESKTOP version of the presets which are compatible with  Adobe Lightroom Classic that can be downloaded on either Mac or PC computers.
  • The presets can be used on either JPEG and RAW images
  • These presets have been tested out on a range of different photos taken with different types of cameras in different lighting scenarios, and with people with different skin tones.
  • Note that your photos taken under different lighting conditions (such as indoors, at night, on sunny days, on cloudy days, etc.) than the lighting conditions in these example images may look different when edited with these presets than the example images do. You will need to make further adjustments to the settings when editing your photo, such adjusting the exposure, to achieve the look you would like for your photo.

Included in this pack:

  • 10 Presets in XMP format (for Lightroom Classic (Desktop/for computers))
  • PDF instruction guide on how to download, install, & use them

☆ Read the PDF file included with these downloads FIRST for instructions on how to install and use these Lightroom Desktop presets.☆

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